Hilarious Photos Of Children Caught Out By Their Parents

Kids are unpredictable. You can never fully prepare for what they’re planning to do next. Parents have no choice but to take it in their stride. Here we have a list of hilarious photos of children caught out doing all sorts of things! Take a look and see if you recognize something your own bundles of joy would do… 

Who wouldn’t want to have a daughter who’s a super Star Wars fine like you?

Almost got me fooled! Children are great at playing hide-and-seek.

It’s a large bed for their puppy. She’s just taking care of it.

Just a typical weekend, at 3am, binge-watching his favorite cartoons.

A child like that is living inside every adult.

“Kids, let’s go to the supermarket. They’re showing live fish today.”

Her son fed the cat a fruit. I guess, he wanted the cat to have a diet.

A creative mug made by a creative kid. Who knows what was going through his head when he making this.

When you tell your kids to go play outside…

The inexplainable excitement when you win that many tickets!

Exhausted from eating the entire jar of jam.

After her son arranged all the carrots… the picture of success.

Kids will never know how these things work.

When you just can’t help admiring yourself in front of the mirror. P.S Referring to the kid at the back.

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The feeling when you figure out that learning to ride a bike is hard work.

“Disney would be fun,” they said.

We can relate to these kids. 

His stuffed dog is getting more love than his real pet sitting outside.

If you want to be a superhero, you have to act like one.

Looks like batman is challenging the peacock.

Even astronauts walk their dogs.

When you’re too tired to even get on a bed.

The statue looked like it was falling… the kid believed it.

This kid is more relaxed than I’ll ever be! 

When you’re finally allowed to stay up late…

Too tired to make sense of the world.

When your dream started earlier than expected.