26 Photos of Disappointed People Whose Level of Frustration Couldn’t Be Explained

Failures are a part of our lives. While some of them are so intense causing our hearts to be broken, we’ll eventually move on as long as we face these troubles with optimism and humor.

Awesome Inventions presents 26 photos of disappointed people who are so upset to the point that there level of frustration cannot be explained.

When your mom throws you a birthday party, but it’s actually for her…

This isn’t funny at all.

How I take a picture of my friend vs. How they take pictures of me:

Ordered this gorgeous quilt on the internet and this is how it arrived on my doorstep:

Ordered a wedding cake and we got wedding rings on a cushion instead.

For all the single people on Valentine’s Day:

When you’ve given up on life.

When you’re left all alone by your parents during first day at school:

Frustration Level: 1,000

Moral lesson: Never trust packaging.

This fast food restaurant means serious business.

The various stages of despair when missing the ice cream truck.


Someone forgot to check the grammar…

I ordered a sauna hot online but got this package containing Cuban cancer drug made from blue scorpion venom instead.

Iced coffee, anyone?

My son feeding his stuffed dog treats while his real dog longingly sits outside.

When you try everything to make the marriage work.

Another packaging lie to increase sales.

When you wish you’re somewhere else…

Someone’s not happy with his costume.

Obviously not what I expected!

You better watch out hooman… I’m coming for you!

What an XL tank top from Walmart looks like…

How on earth did this shampoo turn my dog pink?

Expectation vs. Reality

The problem with Apple cables:

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