16 Brilliant ways to use an ice cube tray

Did you know that there are many ways in which you can utilize a simple kitchen item? Take the ice cube tray: Just because of the name it’s been given doesn’t mean that’s all it can be used for! Check out our list of 16 genius ways you can use your classic ice cube tray for other things.

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Make naturally healthy and delicious home made popsicles using fruit and fruit juice.

fruit popsicles
Whisked Foodie


It’s so much more nutritious and healthy for your baby if you make them home made food. It’s also so easy! As long as you have a food blender you can pretty much make them anything and blitz it. Store your leftovers in your ice cube tray and freeze them for when needed.

baby food
Help Me Grow Utah


OMG. Homemade peanut butter cups. Simply pour in some melted chocolate (not all the way to the top), add your chosen peanut butter mix, then top up with more melted chocolate. Put the tray in the fridge or freezer to set. YUM!

peanut butter cups
Creative Simple Life


Fresh buttermilk is not something that can last for very long in the fridge, so instead of throwing away what you haven’t used why not freeze it? That way, you’ll always have some handy for when you get those pancake or waffle cravings.

Rachel Schultz


Make impressive-looking sushi rice blocks by using your tray to mold them in. Sprinkle the tray lightly with water and add your rice mix. Turn the tray over and tap until the rice blocks fall out.

sushi rice
Daily Candy


Never throw out fresh herbs again! Put them in your tray along with olive oil to keep them from going to waste.

The Kitchn


Make delicious strawberries with set chocolate around them. Make sure you spray a little oil into your tray first to allow easy removal. Pour in melted chocolate, add your strawberries and allow to cool in the fridge for a few hours.

strawberries chocolate


Make chocolate ice cubes and use them in a glass of milk for a tasty and interesting milkshake.

Le Petrin


Try this for a delicious treat on a warm day! Freeze coffee cubes and add them to a glass with warm milk for a tasty iced-coffee. Add some cocoa powder to the milk if you have a sweet tooth.

Honestly Yum


Leftover wine is far too good to pour away. Freeze it in your tray so you’ve always got some to hand to add to your meals.

Ponte Winery


Make a large batch of pesto and divide it into portions in your tray. That way, anytime you fancy pasta you can rustle it up in a flash.

Planet Forward


Save leftover chicken stock and make your own cubes in your tray.

chicken stock


Ice cube trays make the perfect portion sizes for jello shots. These blueberry martini’s shots look amazing!

blueberry martini jello shot
Bionic Bites


Instead of making 1 large cheesecake why not make mini bite size pieces? That way, you won’t feel guilty for eating them because they’re so small!

chocolate cheesecake bites
Damy Health


Make up big batches of tomato sauce for your pasta dishes and freeze small portions in your tray. That way you can just use what you need and there will be no waste.

tomato sauce
The Comfort of Cooking


Here’s a great way to control your sugar cravings. Make up a batch of cookie dough and divide it into equal portions in your ice cube tray. Then each time you get that uncontrollable craving, simply pop 1 out and bake it. That way, you’re satisfying your sweet tooth without having an all out sugar binge. Genius!

cookie dough
Fit Sugar

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