These Creative Business Cards Are Borderline Genius

There’s no denying that standard business cards can be pretty dull. These awesome designers have come up with some creative designs for business cards that are in keeping with the type of work that the owner of the business card performs. You’d think that there isn’t really much that can be done with a name and contact details on a rectangle piece of card, but you’d be wrong.

Take a look at this collection and you’ll be wishing that your business cards were cooler, or that you had a reason to need business cards at all!

This yoga tutor’s business card is super fun.

Creative business cards that show things don’t have to be all work and no play.

A personal trainer’s business card shows clients what they hope to achieve.

Handy card doubles up as a usable bike tool. Awesome!

The back of this card is a miniature tennis court.

Tongue-in-cheek business card belongs to a cosmetic surgeon.

Yoga classes might help you get as bendy as this clever straw/business card is.

You can actually grow a plant from this business card, plus who doesn’t like a good pun?

Salt shaker business card advertises a restaurant.

Not quite creative business cards in the traditional sense, but this plumber’s mini plungers are ridiculously cute.

You can play this business card with your fingernail. So cool!

Smart business card ideas

This funky business card belongs to a photographer.

A novel way for a make-up artist to advertise her services.

Lego person doubles up as a business card.

Eco-friendly business card is also a seed packet.

Clever little business card belongs to an investment consultant.

You can use this business card from a smoking paraphernalia shop as a filter for your cigarettes.

Cooking related business card

You literally have to grill this business card to reveal its secrets.

Health business card idea

Health related business card resembles a tiny yoga mat.Creative-business-cards-yoga-mat

A framing shop has theirs designed to look like a mini frame. Genius.

This divorce lawyer’s creative business card can be split right down the middle.

Slightly tasteless business card advertises the services of an individual who performs circumcisions.

2 in 1. It contains your details and doubles up as a functional cheese grater!

You can turn this cute business card into a tiny chair.

A dentist’s business card features a disappearing cavity.

A cargo company’s business card can be turned into a little box.

This design has survival in mind. Mmmm meaty…

Funky hairdresser cards

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