Artist Zemer Peled’s Sculptures Explore The Beauty Of The Natural World


Israel-born sculptor Zemer Peled has had her work exhibited in many of the most prestigious galleries of the world. Currently living and working in Helena, Montana, Peled's work is inspired by both the brutality and beauty of the natural world.


Peled's sculptures are made from innumerable shards of hand-crafted porcelain… giving either a delicate or sometimes barbed look to her work. Take a look at the photos below to see some examples of Peled's breathtaking work.
Website: ZemerPeled


Single Bloom, 2014


Bunch Of Shards No. 2, 2015


Everything Auspicious, 2015


Sky Island, 2015


Blue And White Porcelain Shards Flower No. 1


Blue And White Porcelain Shards Flower No. 2



Untitled, Japan Collection, 2013


Pair By The Sea, 2014


I Am Walking In A Forest Of Shards, 2012


Large Peony And Peeping Tom, 2014

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