Photographer Persuades Random People To Put On Tiger Suit And Pose For Pictures


Imagine if a stranger approached you on the street and asked you to pose for a photograph…wearing a tiger suit! What would you do? Luckily, for a guy named Yogli, who has made it his mission to photograph as many people wearing a tiger suit as he possibly can, over 300 people have already said 'yes' to his strange question. Check out some of the results! Each photograph is accompanied by a statement the model has made during the shoot…

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While all the other kids were going to school in their cars, I would get to drive to school on my tractor!


I was a cat person for most of my life but then I met Mona.


The last time that I found myself in such a situation was two nights ago, on the train home!


You can make up my life story.


I'll tell you my name but you have to promise to keep it a secret.


I'm going to pose as a homeless tiger.


I don't really understand the meaning of this!


I'm part cat, part human, I behave like a cat for half of the day.


In about ten minutes I'm going to be getting my first ID card.



I'm going to portray a lazy cat.


We need some extra precaution. Could your friend stand by the side in case Noga fell?


I am a pensioner which means I finally have the time to do all the things I truly want to do.


You better take it quickly, there is a bus behind you!


I'm trying to do something new every day.


We are supposed to be cooking for a family dinner but this is going to be a great excuse for the lack of food tonight.


If you get people to dress up as an animal, there has to be some kind of vegetarian agenda behind it.


My wife will be happy to see me like this.

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