Guys Share Their Thoughts On Breast Reduction Surgery

We hear all the time about women wanting larger breasts. However, something that happens often but seems to be less discussed is breast reduction surgery. Having a large chest can lead to extreme back pain and can be way more debilitating that you may have thought. Below we have a range of guys sharing their thoughts on breast reduction surgery. There seems to be some very mixed opinions. Take a look and see what you think!
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Unfortunately the results aren’t always what people were hoping for. 

Well it sounds like she had a lucky escape. 

As long as you still love her, that’s what matters!

She probably feels conscious about it. It’s your job as a husband to make her feel beautiful.

So, if it wasn’t in accordance to her health, would you still support it? Just curious! 

This does not sound good. 

Well, it’s lucky that it’s her body and not yours then. 

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Communication is key but you have to know that they are her breasts to do with whatever she pleases.

It’s pretty obvious that you no longer want your girlfriend. Set her free! 

Good! Her happiness is more important than the size of her breasts.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better! 

We sense that this person is being a little dramatic! 

It’s easy to feel this way after a change but try to stay rational. 

What did we just read?! Weak core? You try having extremely large breasts and see how you cope!