Have You Ever Wondered Where All The Coins In Fountains Go

Who doesn’t love making a wish? In one way or another, we’ve closed our eyes and fervently asked for that one thing we desire the most, be it on a shooting star, birthday candles, wishbone or fountains.


But have you ever wondered what happens to the coins tossed into fountains? Do they go down the drain? Given to charity? Well, we’ve unraveled the truth behind where these precious coins go.




Adam Chandler, a writer for The Atlantic, stumbled across a fountain in New York and digged into the matter.

Coins collected would either be given to charity (if they found enough), or will be divided among the workers.


Meanwhile, others use the coins to cover cleaning expenses.


Kansas City, dubbed as the “City of Fountains”doesn’t donate the money to charities (though not an official rule). According to one of the city park managers, coins disappear immediately after they’re thrown it, picked out by the homeless.


However, fountains inside casinos, malls and amusement parks generally donate the coins collected to worthy charities. Others allow charities to sponsor a fountain for a month, while some let these causes claim a cut of the collected amount.


As for the Trevi Fountain (the world’s most popular fountain), the coins are given to a supermarket (offering items free of charge) for impoverished citizens. Although many still try to steal them.


Nevertheless, whether your wish comes true or not, it’s nice to know that you are able to help those in need.