Steve Winter Photographs The Wild Side Of LA


When most people picture Los Angeles they think of Hollywood, movie stars, the Sunset Strip, and wannabe actors moonlighting as waiters. However, LA does have a wild side, and it might not be exactly what you're expecting. Outside the city, Los Angeles is teeming with wildlife. Photographer Steve Winter has made it his mission to photograph the wildlife of LA, and his main tool? Patience! Well, and a camera, of course! Talking to National Geographic about his work, Winter said…

"You have to have an incredible amount of patience and ultimately, faith, that all those days and weeks you spend learning where the animal goes, you are going to get your shot. You have to believe this is going to happen. And the belief comes from spending all that time tracking and understanding behavior. I call it 'zen and the art of camera trapping.'"

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Incredible! You'd never expect to find these kinds of animals living their life just outside the bright lights of the big city.

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