20 Money Saving Tips For Starbucks You Need To Know


It's all too easy to spend a small fortune every time you go to Starbucks. Everything is so tempting and smells so good. If you are tired spending all your money on coffees, then this is the blog post for you! Check out these 20 money saving Starbucks tips which you might not already know about. From downloading via their free Wifi to getting free whipped cream you'll be glad you read this post!  


Those yummy treats in Starbucks are very tempting but they're also pretty expensive so eat at home before you go out


       A blended iced Americano is cheaper and less calorific than a latte


Take advantage of the free Wifi and do your downloading while you have your coffee


Ask the barista to go light on the ice as it waters down your drink


Make your own Starbucks coffees at home!



Split your drink with a friend and only pay half!


Dogs get free whipped cream Puppiccinos! Even if you don't have a dog, you can use the cream to top your drink no problem


Order the Short size to save money


Use your rewards card 30 times in one year to get a Gold level upgrade. This entitles you to a free drink or food reward every 12 purchases as well as welcome rewards, coupons and more!


Remember to claim your birthday drink if you're signed up to the Starbucks rewards program 



Ask for your iced tea to be full strength as the baristas water it down as they prepare it for you


If you are with a large group, order your coffee in bulk and ask the barista to use a coffee press – this way you'll all save money


Don't pay for water, ask for a free cup of Starbucks triple filtered water instead


Still thirsty? Ask for a 50 cent refill. The fee can be waived if you have a rewards card


Even if you have forgotten your reusable mug, simply bring in a cup from a competitor business and Starbucks will replace the cup and give you a discount too!



Bring a reusable mug for a 10 cent discount


For a 2 dollar iced latte ask for a Venti cup with a triple espresso and add as much milk as you like


A Cafe Misto is like a latte but uses half the amount of ingredients so it works out cheaper and less calorie laden!


Check out their menu for amazing-tasting drinks which come in at less than 4 dollars. Check out these 7 examples here


For a cheaper alternative which still tastes amazing, rather than ordering a latte ask for a Grande tea in a Venti cup along with your favorite shot. Next add milk and you will have a great drink for half the price!

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