14 Easy Ways To Ensure Your Hair Grows Long And Luscious


Do you want long, flowing locks? Hair that cascades down your back in thick healthy waves, just like on the best shampoo commercials? Do you want your too-short hair to grow just a little more quickly? Of course you do, as you've spotted and clicked on this post! Luckily, for all those lusting after beautiful long locks, here you'll find some great news. There are, in fact, plenty of easy steps you can take during your daily hair care routine that will be sure to optimize hair growth, while ensuring that your head never looked as healthy! Take a look!


Try not to let your locks dry out till they reach that frizzy point. Moisturize them naturally, at home, in between cuts using avocado, honey or olive oil.


Remember, to NEVER tie your hair up whilst it is still wet!


Choose a silk pillowcase at night. It's much more gentle on your hair!


Do not condition your scalp. It clogs the pores, making your hair less inclined to grow fast.



Instead of towel drying your hair, like most people do, try using an old t-shirt instead. Towels can be too rough on your hair!


Avoid blow drying every single day. Heat destroys hair, it's plain and simple. 


Keeping to grips with your split ends is crucial for hair growth, and health. Learn how to trim them properly, at home!


Don't do peroxide. Just. Don't. Do. It.



Try to wear you hair down, at least some of the time. Elastic bands restrict your hair, and its growth potential!


Don't wash it too much. And don't brush it too much. This 'overcare' is not good if you want long and healthy hair.


Remember, if you style when your hair is wet, you are only going to discourage healthy hair growth. Strands will be snapping!



Don't overdo it when it comes to styling products. It can clog your scalp pores.


Avoid aggressive brushing. It causes damage!


Don't forget your diet is also important for long and healthy hair. Greek yoghurt, salmon, guava and eggs are all good 'hair foods'.

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