Kit Kat Could Be Dropping A New Cookies And Cream Flavor This Year

Still waiting for all those potential Kit Kat flavors to hit shelves? We are too! And now, Hershey’s is adding a new flavor for us to dream about: the Kit Kat Cookies and Cream flavor! That’s right, the beloved snack combo is finally getting the Kit Kat treatment! Well, according to @junkfoodleaks_, that is. And we’ve got reason to believe this tasty tip from the Instagrammer. A lot of their previous tips have proven to be true before!

Before @junkfoodleaks was taken down, it was the foremost source of all things sweet and new in the snack world. They’re definitely not letting the loss of their original account get in the way of their mission to share sugary good news. And this time, they’re bringing us exciting news fresh from Hershey’s HQ!


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? R O U N D T W O? Kit Kat is on a roll this year. From last year's inception of duos to this year's apparent release of a NUMBER of new flavors, it seems like the US is finally getting a taste of what other countries around the world get. Seen here is a new look and a new flavor that will be joining dark chocolate/mint as the next iteration of Kit Kat Duos. As I sprinted out of the factory with only these in my pocket, I overheard a few people say that there's no official name on them yet, but judging by the look and taste, it's cookies and cream. No official word on the packaging either, but my guess is it'll be just like the other duos package, just with white and black color blocking. @thejunkfoodaisle, where u at with that mockup? ? Into the snack you're getting the Kit Kat chocolate you've come to know and love, as well as the crunch they're famous for. The cookies and cream taste is subtle, and I'm a firm believer that it needs a bit of tweaking — perhaps more of a white chocolate flavor. A true duo, it would be then. I'm slapping a soft ? 7.3 ? on these. I like them. They're just not as cookies and cream as I think they COULD be, and that's why it's lower than expected. You should see these later on in the year, but there's no guarantee they won't show up earlier. And with the amount of new flavors that KK has been churning out lately, I'm expecting a few more by EOY. ?????

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Hershey’s is currently working on a Kit Kat Cookies and Cream flavor

On their post, they wrote that they literally sprinted out of the factory with only the Kit Kat Cookies and Cream in their pocket. We probably would too, if we found ourselves standing in front of a Kit Kat flavor nobody else in the world knows about yet. In their photo, the ‘experimental’ Kit Kat is placed inside a bare wrapper marked only with a large, white sticker that says “Kit Kat Duos Gen II”. Since there was no other information provided, @junkfoodleaks_ depended on his taste buds to verify his speculation and his verdict is that this new Duos flavor will be cookies and cream.

Based off the picture, the base looks like it’s made up of the milk chocolate we all know and love. Then, the cookies and cream coats the fingers. It seems awfully similar to the one Australia has. But we’re pretty sure there’s something different about this new version. I don’t know about you but I’m drooling right now. This is the U.S.’s first time to have a Cookies and Cream flavor. Other countries including Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the U.K. already had their own versions. We can’t wait to taste the difference! Hershey’s better hurry!


Other countries have tasted the particular flavor








Do you think the upcoming Cookies and Cream Kit Kat Duos in the US market will taste just like its international counterparts? Weigh in your opinion in the comment section!