You Can Add This Stained Glass Cat Suncatcher To Any Window In The House

Bring rays of happiness into your home by putting this stained glass cat suncatcher on your glass window. For some people, a suncatcher is merely a decorative hanging ornament for windows. But there’s actually more to it than just being there and looking beautiful. Typically crafted from colored glass, crystals and beads, this decorative piece catches the sun’s rays and disperses the light into colorful light specks. It splits up the mesmerizing rainbow and scatters it around the room to create a sparkling spectacle.

Suncatchers come in various designs, shapes, colors and sizes. But if you’re a cat person, this suncatcher is just perfect for you. This window ornament features a peeking kitty made of spectrum stained glass, fused glass, patina, tin and copper foil. The inquisitive-looking feline is designed to be placed on either the left or right corner of the window to make it appear like it’s peeking from the outside. And when placed in direct sunlight, it reflects a lovely portrait of a colorful kitty. The image of a peeking cat on the floor or wall is sure to make every cat lover brim with happiness.


Stained Glass Cat Suncatcher

stained glass cat suncatcher window

This suncatcher measures 8.9 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. It comes with a stable suction cup hanger so you can easily fix it into the corner of your glass window. This handmade piece uses high quality US-made glass in eye-catching, vivid colors. The eyes are made with fused glass to give it a 3D look with perfectly smooth seams and individual sturdy tin wires for the whiskers. This hanging décor is available in right corner and left corner positions.

stained glass cat suncatcher


stained glass cat suncatcher window decor


peeking kitty window hanging decor


peeking kitty hanging decor

In this gloomy world we’re living in, we are badly in need of some rays of hope. And it’s a lot better when it’s in the form of a cat because this lovable creature is the embodiment of pure happiness. You can also share the happiness by giving this cat suncatcher as a gift to your loved ones and friends. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I absolutely love this stained glass piece. It is just beautiful. I have it in my kitchen window and it makes me smile every time I see it.”

stained glass cat suncatcher colorful


stained glass cat suncatcher peeking kitty


peeking kitty corner window hanging decor


peeking kitty window decor

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peeking kitty corner window decor

Source: Etsy