Celebrate Halloween This Year With These Spooky Essentials

Halloween is just around the corner so get organized and stock up on your essentials for the best party ever! We’ve put together stacks of awesome must-haves that are all perfect for the most spookiest day of the year. They are all available right here on Awesome Inventions.

Brain Ice Cubes

brain ice cubes

These ice cubes will give you the chills!
Find it here: Brain Ice Cubes

Fang Ice Cubes

fang ice cubes

For all you bloodsuckers out there!
Find it here: Fang Ice Cubes

Brain Jello Mold

brain jello mold

Jello brains, anyone?!
Find it here: Brain Jello Mold

Zombie Cookie Cutters

zombie cookie cutters

The tables have turned and humans are now eating zombies.
Find it here: Zombie Cookie Cutters

Skull Cupcake Molds

Skull Cupcake Molds

If the jello brains didn’t do it for you then how about cupcake brains?
Find it here: Skull Cupcake Molds

Skull Ice Bucket

skull ice bucket

A great centerpiece at the party. Can also be used to serve candy or cocktails.
Find it here: Skull Ice Bucket

Brain Candle

brain candle

Create spooky lighting with this ‘clever’ candle.
Find it here: Brain Candle

Zombie Bowling Game

zombie bowling game

Keep everyone entertained with this fun game.
Find it here: Zombie Bowling Game

Zombie Hand Glass

zombie hand glass

Stunning goblets to enjoy your wine or blood from.
Find it here: Zombie Hand Glass

Zombie Horse Mask

zombie horse mask

Look the part with this creepy mask.
Find it here: Zombie Horse Mask

Zombie Sandals

zombie feet sandals

These grim sandals actually look like real feet!
Find it here: Zombie Sandals

Zombie Bird Feeder

zombie bird feeder

Creep out your neighbors with this disturbing zombie.
Find it here: Zombie Bird Feeder

Garden Zombie

garden zombie

Decorate the outside of your house with this guy.
Find it here: Garden Zombie

Solar Powered Garden Zombie

Solar Powered Garden Zombie

Provide lighting for your party guests as well as spooks as they walk down your garden path.
Find it here: Solar Powered Garden Zombie