Zombie Hand Glass

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This gruesome zombie glass makes a great gift for any Gothic fan! Made from quality resin, add a unique theme to your home! Awesome!

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  1. Timarie Mann Schipani


    • Timarie Mann Schipani

      Nikki Hopeman, did you see these? I thought of you when I posted them but forgot to tag you.

    • Nikki Hopeman

      OMG. Must have these to drink my Mad Zombie Margarita.

  2. Angelica Nimaltseva

    walking dead nights and wine!

  3. Erica Eldredge

    Soooo want!

  4. Jessie Isobell Tapp

    Maz Gilchrist we both want these 🙂

  5. Jay Walsh

    Jenny morante this is a wine glass must have for you

    • Jennifer Morante

      I want them

  6. Rob Whelan

    Def one for Walking Dead night

  7. Dy Jones

    Hey @Shona Bell, let's make these!

  8. James Stead

    Don't be fooled by this site, I got some of these 3 years ago for halloween and they were a fiver for 2.

  9. Carol Shihtzu

    I want!

  10. Carol Shihtzu

    I want!

  11. Brian Daunter

    Kim Bouquaix how fab are these

  12. Noel Alvarado

    Cool drinking glasses

  13. Emma Smithies

    where from?

  14. Eva Marie Crafton


  15. Julie Smith

    <3 it

  16. Cameron Kaze-stagg Bater

    Emma Smithies The profile picture and comment makes you look obsessed

  17. Alexander Gorrell

    Brittany Gorrell

  18. Tasha Young

    Helena how cool

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