Zombie Sandals

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Are you dying to find a pair of epic sandals? If so, then these zombie sandals are just what you're looking for! Designed to look like they're your feet, these zombie sandals will get everyone pointing and whispering! Epic!

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  1. Klara Kopf

    Hammer xD

  2. Klara Kopf

    Hammer xD

  3. Brooke E Thorpe


  4. Melisa Trevino-Collins

    Kelly Koepl-Ryan how about these sandals? haha

  5. Kelly Koepl-Ryan

    I should wear them the next time I go get a pedicure. 😉

  6. Melisa Trevino-Collins

    omg!! if you did, I would die with pee in my pants!! for real!!

  7. Mita Bijen Patel

    reminds of someones feet, sick x x x x.

  8. Oscar Gomez

    Arturo Gomez It wouldn't make a difference on your feet.

  9. Eduardo Hernandez

    I want this, I do!
    Take a look Isaac Foronda.

  10. Jay Lenae Davon

    It's human feet out there that look JUST like this! LMAO!

  11. Danielle Monteiro

    Lol I want these

  12. Kelly Brehmer

    These look pretty awesome

  13. Kaylynn Mcdowell

    Malorie should get for little john

  14. Brenda Pafford

    Marc Sherman

  15. Pam Pirie


  16. Jayson Hurley

    So much want xD

  17. Rachel Howlett

    Pete Kelly 😀

  18. Rachel Howlett

    Pete Kelly 😀

  19. Manda Zee

    Johnny Tee

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