Pillsbury Has A New Funfetti Brownie Mix With Oreo Cookie Pieces

In 2020, Nestlè kicked off the year by offering Funfetti Coffee Creamer. Then, they followed it up with a safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough. Pillbsury also got in on the fun by offering a pancake and waffle mix that incorporated the colorful flavor. You’d think that our favorite brands have reached their Funfetti quota in 2020 with all those goodies. But apparently that isn’t the case, because Pillbsury has a new Funfetti Brownie Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces on the way!

There hasn’t been any announcements about the Funfetti Brownie Mix yet. But popular snack hunter @candyhunting already beat them to the punch after she spotted the item on Instacart. The post, which was uploaded on Christmas day, racked up over 13K likes. And it got a lot of people talking in the comments too! Its existence on Instacart is already a sign that we can expect the Funfetti Brown Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces to hit shelves after some time. So don’t take @candyhunting’s tip lightly – this is not a drill!


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Pillsbury will be releasing a Funfetti Brownie Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces sometime in 2021

We’re not entirely sure that the image on Instacart is final. But we’re definitely taking what we can from it. Per the packaging, this version consists mainly of chocolate brownie mix that’s got Oreo cookie pieces thrown in. This is definitely a bold departure from the usual colorful sprinkle-dotted white cake that we’re all so used to! The curious brownie-fied Funfetti will reportedly come in 15.5-ounce boxes and can fill an 8×8” square pan. We can’t wait to try for ourselves! Stay tuned for more updates!