Zombie Shadow Casters

Freak people out with these zombie shadow casters. Place the casters in front of a candle and life size zombie shadows will spear on the wall! Awesome.

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  1. Angie Noble

    Ruth Noble & Sean Davies spring to mind.

  2. Taylor Grace

    Billy Murphy

  3. Ines Tlili

    Floor van Tongeren.

  4. Lidiya Noodle Krykun

    Rocky Embry…dude you could make that.

  5. Wendy Barnes

    Hey Colin James Murtagh check out these!

  6. Sonja Harrold

    For you, michael

  7. Elizabeth Elliott

    These kick ass….

  8. Colleen J. Dunbar

    Joshua Wells

  9. Eva Marie Crafton


  10. Roni Alivia May

    Hahaha want!

  11. Clare Efron

    For Boyd, Amanda Peters!

  12. Chairty Zwicker

    kids re gonna want to have one as a nigh light and then there not going to sleep

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