Wine Bottle Glass

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Are you sick of refilling your wine glass every 20 minutes? With this wine bottle glass you’ll never have to refill your glass again! In fact you’ll never have to pour a single glass again as its already full to begin with! Awesome!



  1. Gill Tydie

    Damm it can only buy it in USA, Sharon Gingell better get it for when I next come over!

  2. Layla Byrne

    If Christmas came early I would soooo want this 🙂

  3. Helen Lamb

    When can this be purchased in the uk

  4. Lynda Mick Greaves

    sure this belongs to mellissa or it should lol.

  5. Candy Ferraro

    good glass for us Maria Kovacic just one glass a day lol.

  6. Alli Jane Arrowsmith

    How much is $14.99 in our money x

  7. Sue Weeks

    Come on guys get this item in my life Please, GB wants this item.

  8. Laurence Cullen

    im sooo gunna have 2 get 1 🙂

  9. Lindsey Pominville

    Obviously not for a while, but when the time comes…this glass looks juuust the right size for me :p

  10. Claire MacDonald

    Aprox £9.75Gbp but when can we get it in UK

  11. Claire Graham

    Want one!!

  12. Sande Raby

    Found the perfect glass!

  13. Cayla Turver

    This is AWESOME!

  14. David Oquendo

    Laura Bellar Cooper I think I found your perfect class for wine.

  15. Annie Caya

    Hey Sonya Mcdonald, this is the wine glass I was telling you about yesterday.

  16. Griffin Thathippiekid Drungilas

    Brenda, this is you.

  17. Shae CherokeeRose Turner

    You guys love me right Marz Ralliford, Mars Bonner-boy One-thirty and Venus Sarafina….I need this

  18. Sarah Griffin

    Charlotte Stanton and chere need this x

  19. Charlotte Stanton Handebeaux

    Lol, yeh your glasses take half a bottle anyway lol xx

  20. Steve Oxford

    How much is this please??

  21. Connie KinCannon Schafer

    Hey Susan Geng Winn! I finally found a glass that will please even you! I couldn't miss you more right now if I tried!! lol

  22. Carolyn Gustafson Torres

    Connie KinCannon Schafer. So perfect for Susan Geng Winn.

  23. Sue Payne

    This one Sian?!

  24. Sue Payne

    This one Sian?!

  25. Sue Payne

    Sian Jones!!!

  26. Sue Payne

    Sian Jones!!!

  27. Sian Jones

    Yes sue !! We all need one!

  28. Sian Jones

    Yes sue !! We all need one!

  29. Sian Petts

    I want that xxx

  30. Jennifer Mc

    Lisa Browne it actually exist :O

  31. Albi Daniels

    Gonna get two these for Jan Daniels & Jayne Nicholson for Xmas. XX

  32. Carol Ruiz Kline

    Jackie Baldwin

  33. Kirstie Shipp

    Love it 😉

  34. Wine Bottle Crafts

    I love this red wine bottle glass

  35. Cheryl Jupp

    I wont

  36. Cheryl Jupp

    I wont

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