3 Important Style Rules For The 30-Something Man-About-Town


The way someone dresses is of course entirely individual. Dependent on their career and lifestyle, men of a similar age may have some very different ideas as to which clothes are and are not appropriate. However there are some rules governing style for the 30-something man-about-town. For inspiration you can look to men such as David Beckham and Benedict Cumberbatch, they manage to look effortlessly stylish no matter the occasion! Below you will find 3 important style-rules for the 30-something man, by following them you're bound to look good and feel great!


Be sure to buy good quality accessories as these enhance any look. Cheap will often equal tacky and need replacing, actually costing you more in the long run. Spending a little more on a superior quality watch, belt or bag will convey the right first impression every time.

man bag



 In the hot weather, it's easy to let understated style go out of the window but remember your summer style and grooming is just as important as your winter! When you're out and about, ditch the crazy colored T-shirts and shorts for natural colors and fibers. Again, buy the best quality you can afford so your clothes last. Polo shirts, quality T-shirts and long and short-sleeved casual shirts are good. Oh and leather sandals tend to look far better than flip flops!

man in shirt


For the man-about-town, suits are very important. Think classic but with an 'edge'. Tailored items generally look much better than standard, as well as suits with added detail such as interesting buttons or an unusual collar. Investing in a handful of good suits will get you far. Darker shades work best for the colder months and lighter colors look amazing in the warm weather. Your 30's is the perfect time to perfect your look and to leave ripped jeans and crazy tops way back in the past! 

men in suits

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