Obol Cereal Bowl

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Keep your cereal from getting soggy with the Obol “never soggy” cereal bowl. This one of a kind cereal bowl is divided into two sections – one for your milk and one for your cereal. The Obol is also great for soup and crackers, cookies and milk, chips and salsa, think of all the possibilities!

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  1. Lori Tomka

    this is cool.

  2. Michelle Hague

    Nikki Tysoe – this would be right up your street, if memory serves!

  3. Michelle Hague

    Nikki Tysoe – this would be right up your street, if memory serves!

  4. Karah Tuck Bagley

    Cathy Rice I am ordering two!

  5. Clare Lincoln

    Tess Absalom-Gough, you could still drink tea from this and just look at how many cookies you could have too!

    • Tess Absalom-Gough

      No no no. The biscuits would fall out onto my face when I drank the tea. And I don't mind being a bit biscuit-face, but SOME OF THEM MIGHT MISS MY MOUTH!!!
      I'm sure you'll agree – we just can't take that risk.

  6. Scott Boyd

    Erma Knarr

  7. Scott Boyd

    Erma Knarr

  8. Keith Deuber

    Soo good Trevor Davis Grant Skalski.

  9. Janeisha Rather

    I have to get this.

  10. Becca Crooks

    Love it.

  11. Atlanta Woodgates

    Im so getting this for my kids

  12. Ebony Brown Williams

    Bri'Ann Williams

  13. Christine Russell Johnson


  14. Petra Nadal

    I want this

  15. Christopher Zaint Hayden


  16. Rachael Samour

    omg best one ive seen yet

  17. Dany Shaewolfe

    Would totally use this for cookies and milk!!!!

  18. Carly Hanson-Stratton

    Sammie Goss you we sooo need this

  19. Christy Thomas

    Here goes $20 well spent!!

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