Touch Screen Gloves

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Your fingers no longer have to freeze when texting or using your tablet, just slip on a pair of these stylish knit gloves, features special conductive tips that work like a stylus. Works for all touch and multi touch screens.

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  1. Anna Katharine Jones

    You can get these for £1 in primark.

  2. Ingrid Alfaro

    All my living in jersey and ny need these in the winter!

  3. Ingrid Alfaro


  4. Miguel Mauri Llinares

    no need in the coast of spain.

  5. Naomi Culpin


  6. James Lawson-Smith

    I ant these!

  7. Cindy Bohrer

    So cool…..

  8. Courtney Jade Huggan

    Maybe, but this one is 1p less lol

  9. Prae Attavipach

    Any discount because I am in America right now? Where is awesome inventions from is it America?

  10. Sam Harris

    Prae I bought a pair atcwalmart for $2.00!

  11. Jing Yi Wu

    i have one already, not tat effective, u gotta press hard, especially if u have short fingers…

  12. Elizabeth Luster

    I got those for $3 but they are effective!

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