Turkey Hat

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Prepare for thanksgiving by wearing one of these turkey hats! They're super soft and super warm! So get in the festive spirit without the pain and suffering of putting an actual turkey carcass on your head.



  1. Rebecca Reynolds

    Amazing comedy hat, I think this would suit you Calli O'Brien.

    • Calli O’Brien

      Very niceeee, how muchhh?

  2. Carol Knowles

    Kerry Knowles needs one!

  3. Alex Chantrell

    Beffy Louise

  4. Deb Camp

    Hey Brian Madonia, should I order 2 of em, one for Bob and one for you?

  5. Elvira Akimova

    Iustina Viorescu, I'm getting this for you, hahahaha.

  6. Autumn Zaczyk

    Tony Maring and Jessi Maring this is perfect for your husband jess hahahahahahah.

  7. Jillian Betts

    OH Dan Betts please.

  8. Kalina Hazlewood

    Crystal Celia-Lynne Hazlewood HOW FUNNY!

  9. Samantha Otani Montenegro

    someone get me this turkey hat.

  10. Marilyn Olshena


  11. Lindsey Deere

    Robert Bradshaw how about this for your noggin?

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