Horse Mask

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The horse mask is a real head turner. This realistic latex mask is perfect for costume parties, freaking people out or if you just want to blend in with a field of horses.

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  1. Bryan Whiteside

    I wonder if I could wear this to work? I'd be afraid to wear it around the horses, who knows what their reaction would be.

  2. Ida Vabulis

    this is so awesome! 😀

  3. Kelly Cornelison Renfro

    This would work for the 4-H Project.

  4. Kelly Cornelison Renfro

    This would work for the 4-H Project.

  5. Paige Westfall


    SO BAD.

  6. Cory Allen Knowlton

    Horse mask haha

  7. Cait Betz

    Somehow I think my horses would attack me with that._.

  8. Adam Robertson

    don't go to tesco

  9. Matthew Ahrens

    If you wear it to tesco they will mistake you for a horse and then make you into a tesco everyday value burger!

  10. Danny Nyberg

    Need more horsepower ?

  11. Katniss Tabi Everdeen

    I want thissss

  12. Sudarshan Raghavan

    its so cute.

  13. Frank Nethercutt

    Hey Bra!

    • VVarren Cutlip

      I've seen unicorn masks, do they make ones of donkeys?

  14. Frank Nethercutt

    Hey Bra!

  15. Venetia Cullen

    Gina Asare LOL. and the caption xD :'D.

    • Gina Asare

      lmfao seriously? Why'd u wanna blend in with horses in the first place? lol
      etti horse mask

    • Venetia Cullen

      lol IWANT ONE!!

  16. Francia Ferreyra

    Naomi Marie Cantera.

  17. Chris Greenfield

    Next halloween!

  18. Jasmine Chase

    Lmfaooo I know people who wear this thing religiosly.. and they get SO much attention.. everyone wants a picture with the horse dude. the unicorn one is cool too… but its in that goddamn kesha video.

  19. Steph McCumber

    Andrea Naylor, LOL!

  20. Josh Rigby

    Owen Huston

  21. Robert Taylor

    Finally! I found where these are being sold! HARLEM SHAKE TIME!!!!!

  22. Eric Phillips

    That's from littledevil criminal mischief bmx video!

  23. Ariel He

    NOW that's affordable.

  24. D Ran Kraemer

    I gotta get one of these

  25. Nikolas Plourde

    did nobody instantaneously think spoonerism off of the creatures

  26. Sidney Levis

    i need this 0.0 XD

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