Toilet Mini Golf

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

No need to rush while going to the toilet, especially if you have one of these mini golf sets to keep you entertained! Its time to work on your putting skills! Awesome.

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  1. Chris DeViller

    Hey Scott Mader, I've found you the perfect gift.

  2. Kimberly Crews Mann

    Guess I'm going to need one of these to work on my putting since I picked up golf again!

  3. Dustin James O’Neill

    Murray Kerman no need for news paper anymore.

  4. Paul Stewart

    Who needs to work on their short game while on the loo?

  5. Adele Marie Orchard-Reid

    Cait Mallett perfect pressie for Al Roberts.

    • Ross Madsen

      I got Henrik one of these for his birthday!!!

  6. Gaynor Wallace

    who the hell would buy this..more to the point who thought of it…uch a fi.

  7. Kenny Mayorga

    Eric yoo we should get one of this man! hahahaha

  8. Amy Eaton

    Adam Hylton and Randy Hylton this was made for yall!

  9. Sarah Cormier

    Looks like I found my husbands next birthday present.

    • Trelan Jones

      LOL! My dad would love this!

  10. Shellie Hill

    Oh Len extra practice time. Instead of reading about it on the loo you can do it!!

  11. Morgan LaRoche


  12. Georgia Morgan

    Emily Costello

  13. Sam Wise Ganci

    Hole in one when u scureg and putt

    • Sam Wise Ganci

      Paul Ganci Joe F Falcone Victor Pititto Joe Zappulla Emmanuele Za

    • Victor Pititto

      Hahaha.. I love it.

    • Joe F Falcone

      I need that

  14. Khal D. Bingham

    Hisham Saif

  15. Lisa Tee

    For my dad lol

  16. Dreama Collins


  17. Meagan Hoelzer

    omg ive gotta get this 4 corey!!

  18. Natasha Haspert

    LMAO. Guys can't leave the bathroom as it is… Now this… oh Lord, they will NEVER get out of the bathroom now…

  19. Katie Marie Dunne

    Sadly, I can think of multiple times over the years that we've actually given someone this thing as a gag gift.

  20. Deb Brown

    Oh no! This is taking the game a little too far!

  21. Kirstie Thomson

    For my bro lol 😀

  22. Susheel Badhan

    Now that's just weird. :S

  23. Jun Martinez-Oquendo

    En serio

    • Maria Guzman

      No jodas este se pasará cagando!!!!! Lol

    • Maria Guzman

      No jodas este se pasará cagando!!!!! Lol

  24. DharmaRaj Rathod

    This is for your Hardik 😛

  25. Elaine Welton Sheahan

    Lol. This be fun for my hubby

  26. Reuben Arrivillaga

    Forget candy crush!

  27. Rhona Fairlie

    One for ralphy or alfie! ×

  28. Tina Thomas Huggins

    Haha someone has to much time on their hands to think of this lol.

  29. Chela Perez


  30. Chela Perez

    Ju Ju

  31. Ju Ju

    Lmao I need to poo

  32. Ju Ju

    Lmao I need to poo

  33. Tracie Soares

    Wow whatever happened to reading magazines lol

  34. Tracie Soares

    Wow whatever happened to reading magazines lol

  35. Kat Kasheta


  36. Kat Kasheta


  37. Nicole A. Gaillard

    Love it

  38. Jeramie Gatchell


  39. Sofia Gomez

    Karina Orozco we need this too omg.

  40. Elisa Hargreaves

    I see my dads next birthday present lol x.

  41. Elisa Hargreaves

    Emma Grieve he needs it lol xx

  42. Philip Paldan

    Daniel Høj

  43. Craig Uhr

    One for you Ben Edwards lol

  44. Craig Uhr

    Alison Edwards ben would use this hey lol

  45. Alison Edwards

    Haha don't give him ideas.

  46. Janet Tearle

    Shaun definately would!!!

  47. Brooke Tearle

    I don't understand why people need to be in there that long. Do you play a bit of golf and then poop? Or do you poop and then golf, while sniffing your own aromas?

  48. Alison Edwards

    Mabye a bit of both? Lol

  49. Sue Peterson

    mmmm why encourage them spending more time on the loo lol

  50. Jo Oppert

    as if they don't spend enuf time there already…

  51. Karen Morrin

    well Lorraine Mcgann you now know what to get Martin McSorley for christmas.

  52. Wes Ruder


  53. Tee Chana


  54. Eva Marie Crafton

    Yes because people need to be in there longer >< lol.

  55. Mihaela Lee

    It says that they can't ship to my address in canada……so its just in usa? :(((((

  56. Darren Reid

    Want one 😛

  57. Craig Baker

    Something for work?

  58. Susie McGraw


  59. Steve McGraw

    I'm just happy to hit the big hole!

  60. Santiago Chapa

    I want this lol

  61. Irene Evans

    For all you golf fanatic'sl!

  62. Irene Evans

    For all you golf fanatic'sl!

  63. Irene Evans

    For all you golf fanatics out there!

  64. Irene Evans

    For all you golf fanatics out there!

  65. Jeff Gallimore

    Must have

  66. Gary Hobart

    I just sh#+ myself when I seen this!

  67. Paul Harrison

    Want this ….Julie Elizabeth Gillis

  68. Paul Harrison

    Julie Elizabeth Gillis

  69. Paul Harrison

    Julie Elizabeth Gillis

  70. Madison Klingerman

    for Jeremy lol

  71. Amanda Chilcott

    As if men aren't in the bathroom long enough already!

  72. Losi N Ashley Siolo

    I can only concentrate on one thing at a time

  73. Sarah Bae

    lol no they didnt hahahaha

  74. Craig Golding

    I wonder if tiger woods has this…

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