Sumo Wrestler Table

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Your cuppa wont move an inch while this sumos running the show! There's nothing this guy cant hold up! Cast in quality designer resin and hand painted, this sumo wrestler table is certainly a head turner!



  1. Patricia Smith

    wouldn't want to much to drink if you were horny and the misses was out lol.

  2. Kasi Reyes


  3. Susan Van Barriger-Thomas

    definately a conversation starter….lol.

  4. Maria Alford

    Stacey …..HILARIOUS!

  5. Sue Lawford

    How fab! This is gonna be in UO home section, surely? Eeeek! x

  6. Radhika Bhushan

    I want it

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