Skull Wax Seal Stamper

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Licking the back of envelopes is for the weak! Stamp your envelopes shut with this skull wax seal stamper! Excellent for sending a powerful message!



  1. Larissa Knoche


  2. Letícia Leal

    a cara de priscila.

  3. Letícia Leal

    a cara de priscila.

  4. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  5. Natalie Grose

    Emily Parish

  6. Natalie Grose

    Emily Parish

  7. Karie Detty

    Krista Austen

  8. Lexi Meier

    Karah Lovez You Phillips.

  9. Robert Taylor

    I would totally become a pirate just so I could use this! Lol

  10. Stacey Piink Humphreys

    I NEED this in my life!

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