Star Wars Keyboard

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

 Use the force to enhance your gaming experience with this awesome Star Wars keyboard! It's modern and futuristic design will look awesome in your bedroom with it's illuminated keys and LED outline. Includes many cool features such as a multi-touch LCD track-panel and dynamic adaptive tactile keys. A must have for any true Jedi Master!

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  1. Nate C Jasperson

    Logan Jaserson!!!!!!

  2. Kendra Moo

    lol and its only 424.99 I love it

  3. Bailey McClure

    What makes it star wars as it just looks like an over priced gaming keyboard

  4. David Bruce

    its the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard by Razer

  5. Ian Kolp

    Way to much for a damn keyboard that really has no Star Wars connection POS

  6. Dan Parker

    might I be wrong to say that this is just the Deathstalker Razer gaming board ($200) with the "changeable liquid dog tag" set as the sith emblem making it $200s more?

  7. Nickelodeond Nickstar Deluca

    This is just a rip off of razers death-stalker ultimate all they have done is used synapse to change the colour you can get this for like 249$

  8. Todd Tobias

    Way toooo much

  9. Edmund Shemanski

    It was originally slated to be released with the Star Wars MMORPG

  10. David Gonzalez

    this is made by razer -.-

  11. Rose Ann

    Why isn't it wireless?

  12. Peet Sal

    Just buy the Logitech g18 instead. Way cheaper you can change the led lights it has a display etc..

  13. Luis Frew

    If I had about £500 to burn, this and the mouse would be the first thing I would get. I dont care about the price, it is worth it to me

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