Staircase Basket

No more tripping over stuff on the stairs! This basket is designed to be placed on a staircase to create useful space. It features a sturdy wire frame wrapped in Seagrass and has two carrying handles.



  1. Becca Sue

    love this

  2. Paula Grisales

    Veronica Romer-Reed

  3. Stephanie Fonseca

    Now this would come in really handy!!!

  4. Angelica Adrieanna Terry

    what a great idea.

  5. Anne-Marie Raubenheimer

    Joanie Cahill, kyk hoe oulik is dit!

    • Joanie Cahill

      Sjoe dit is oulik

  6. Sherri Filley

    I have one of these, and a blessing it is…exra space is ALWAYS appreciated.

  7. Missy Roney

    Margaret Weatherly Roney We need this.

  8. Natasha Haspert

    We used to have one of these…. It collected a lot of… dust and random junk on the steps.

    • Kelly Jones Hammer

      we have 2… Jenna stole them with her stuff and never returned them… so yeah lol

  9. Michel Bourget


  10. Jillian Betts

    Kelly Betts

  11. Kristi Johnson

    This would look so much better than random junk piled at the bottom of the stairs.

  12. Misty Higgins Newton

    Barbara this looks cool for your place

  13. Misty Higgins Newton

    Barb Hendricks… Reminded me of you…

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