9 Adorable Photos Of Two Dogs With Their Duckling Friends


If you're a fan of unlikely and bizarre animal friendships, you're going to love this one! Who would ever have thought a pair of dogs would link up with a pair of ducklings, and all hang out together as good mates? As you'll see from the adorable snapshots below, this awesome foursome actually exists, made up of canines 'Patty' and 'Pikey' and ducklings 'Penguin' and 'Popinjay'. Sadly, the ducklings were initially abandoned and handed over to Australia's Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. However, they were soon fostered out to the loving home of Patty and Pikey, who are both rescue animals themselves. The dogs wasted no time welcoming the new additions, taking their duck duties very seriously. They eat, sleep and play with the ducks, even visiting the park as a group. Take a look!
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