15 Hacks To Make Cleaning At Home A Lot Easier – Part 1

There are few among us who actually enjoy cleaning, but it’s just one of those things that has to get done so that we don’t end up living surrounded by piles of our own dirt. However, there are some hacks that will make the job easier and save you some money by avoiding the use of too many expensive commercial cleaning products. Take a look at these and your home cleaning experience will never be the same again!
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Make Your own window cleaner with water, vinegar and dish soap. Buff with newspaper.


Whiten yellowed pillows with a mixture of bleach, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, borax and hot water.

One Good Thing

Get heat marks off wooden furniture by covering them with a linen napkin (or similar) and applying the iron.

Little Green Notebook

Have your home smell amazing with a DIY stovetop air freshener.

The Pin Junkie

Avoid harsh chemicals by cleaning your oven with baking soda and vinegar.


Clean stove burners by soaking in ammonia overnight, then wiping clean.

The V Spot

Use rubbing alcohol to clean a microfiber couch.

551 East

Have your kitchen sink sparkling before you know it. You’ll just need vinegar, rock salt, lemon juice, ice, baking soda and liquid dish soap.

Apartment Therapy

Pet hairs cling to rubber gloves.Rubber-Glove-as-Pet-Hair-Remover

Mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil and rub them on a scratched tabletop for amazing results.

Domestic Bliss Squared

A soaking in Oxi Clean and water will remove stubborn labels.

Born Free

Vinegar, water and an old sock are all the items you need to clean blinds.

Keep Home Simple

Microwave your kitchen sponge on high for 2 minutes and you’ll kill 99 percent of the germs and bacterial lurking within it.

Moms Against Cooties

Clean permanent marker off wooden furniture using toothpaste.

My Life and Kids
My Life and Kids

Put Lego in a laundry bag and wash the whole lot in your machine.

Gettin By

Check out part 2 of our Cleaning Hacks post:
16 Hacks To Make Cleaning At Home A Lot Easier – Part 2