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Assassin Creed Hoodie


This Assassin’s Creed hoodie is perfect for looking like the real deal! It’s a must have collector’s piece for gamers.


  1. Nikki Bailey


  2. Henry Nimke Gigabé Medawis

    Can I get one in burgundy?

  3. Wendy Mcneill

    Nicola Mcneill you likey? xx

  4. William James-Gene Stein

    Mehleek Roberson you like this stuff right.

  5. Briana Thompson


  6. Kay Mightierthanthesword Parks

    how cool is this?

  7. Kay Mightierthanthesword Parks

    how cool is this?

  8. Jeremy Novotny

    Looks like i know what im saving up for…..

  9. Jeremy Novotny

    Looks like i know what im saving up for…..

    • RandyThe PotatoFox

      Would you really pay that much for a hoodie?

    • Michael Schlampp

      Fuck no.

    • Caleb Smith

      RandyThe PotatoFox FUCK YES !

    • Dustin Bullins

      Fuck maybe.

    • Olivia Overberg

      Oh wow hi randy i know you pfft
      but yeah of course honestly

    • Devin Sutton

      Heck yes. Well not just any hoodie, this hoodie.

    • Mac Rostron


    • Jorge Luna

      I know I wouldn't… unless it was official

    • Yousaf Hussain

      its a Rain Coat if ya'll want to know

    • Aziel Rivera

      people pay more for shoes any ways

    • Todd Sawyer

      Without a doubt!

    • Najib IV Idrus

      If im not mistaken if its the same guy who made the jacket, He made it all by him self by hand 😛 thats why its kinda expensive

    • Gavin Bruce Jones

      Thats about high end of the Hoodie price for me id have one 🙂

    • SħǾw-Më Tħe-MëaŋiŋgǾf Ʀeał-LǾve

      Fuck Yeah

  10. Thomas Amaranth

    I want this….

  11. Laura ‘itoshii’ Olotu

    Marvin Oliveira Olotu u would like this I think 😛

  12. John-Paul Cumberlidge

    Awesome but expensive. Have seen this cheaper on eBay.

  13. Jose Jesus Perez

    I want one in all black

  14. Daniel Nguyen Osorio

    fucking awsome

  15. Dayton C. Long

    AWESOME my friends would be pissed if I didn't by them one.

    • M.j. Slone

      yeah i would

  16. Uzzy Naeem

    don't buy this crap. buy it from ebay. you can get them for half the price.

  17. Cory Allen Knowlton


  18. Joshua David McKechnie

    Sweet mother of christ!

  19. Emily Arbuckle


  20. George Gills

    don't think I would soot it but luv it.

  21. Dory Fish

    Miiaahh Speers

  22. Luis Negron

    I am SERIOUSLY considering buying this.

  23. Shawn B. Walls

    I want this haha Jeremy Pooran.

  24. Guillaume Mathieu

    pour les fans du jeux ^^.

  25. Tara Lentz

    I love it

  26. Jordyn Ewing

    Timothy Dean Tetreault OMG! HDFADSGFHYADSJFADH

  27. Amanda Holleufer-Taylor

    Nathan Passfield, Tsuru No Oni.

  28. Harry Ilett

    usd isn't 1 to 1 with gbp…

  29. Harry Ilett

    usd isn't 1 to 1 with gbp…

  30. Toruk Macto

    kei graaf ik ga die bestellen ooit.

  31. Kortney Ratliff

    here you go sniper and Nick Turk this is about all the dressing up I could handle lol.

  32. Donovan Walters


  33. Morgan Nilsson

    I want it so bad.

  34. Natonya St.Cyr

    I would so wear this

  35. Nerys Davies

    Oh Laurrreeeennnn!

    • Nerys Davies

      Lauren Clayton check this out!

    • Lauren Clayton

      Get me it please! 😀 lol

    • Lauren Clayton

      Get me it please! 😀 lol

  36. Chaz Wallace

    the true origins of this coat, all the others are fakes. http://blog.volantedesign.us/post/31361550527

  37. Nemo Radkie

    I'm so getting this!!! 😀

  38. Lenie Joi

    I want this too

  39. Susheel Badhan

    I really like it but if I bought this, wouldn't it look weird if I wear it in public? :/

  40. Lisamarie Watson

    Love it

  41. Ayyoob Rasheed


  42. Lynda Shilton

    I want it!!!

  43. Ben Van Woerkom

    Max Van Woerkom Alison Heij.

  44. Herbert Redmond

    I'll make a better one for cheaper, fuck that buck fifty bullshit.

  45. Brandon Puckett

    We're then wit my breads

  46. Lauren Clayton

    why does it have to cost so much? ;_______;

  47. Lauren Clayton

    why does it have to cost so much? ;_______;

  48. Lauren Clayton

    why does it have to cost so much? ;_______;

  49. Giddy Harmsworth

    definitly banging hoody, and no one else would have it, next pay days only three weeks away.

  50. Sonia Eddy

    Ebay for less than £40.

  51. Sonia Eddy

    Ebay for less than £40.

  52. Melody Scowen

    It's shit. Badly made. Cheap material. Really disappointed.

    • Jane Crollie

      Tho it was advertised as cosplay costume, not actual clothing!

  53. Melody Scowen

    It's shit. Badly made. Cheap material. Really disappointed.

  54. Iron Wolf

    Gotta have this in black and grey

  55. Beno Beno

    What price is AUD ?

  56. Brandon Ybarra

    friend bought this…buttons fall of easily and hood hangs too far forward.

    • Liam Kingston

      How far forward do you mean? It's supposed to hang far enough forward to make a shadow over the upper part of their face.

  57. Harrìson Danìel DeWeese-Hikari

    Better watch out……

  58. Harrìson Danìel DeWeese-Hikari

    Better watch out……

  59. Caleb Meilink-Smith

    Red instead of blue anyone?

  60. Brandon Mulkey

    I want.

  61. Ryan Cifers

    time to go for a free run and have fun.

  62. Dang Duy Minh Nguyen


  63. Chris Jessica


  64. A’la Hunter

    Yup…, I want one

  65. Farhan Warsi

    must have it before u die 😛

  66. Katy Bryant

    That's really cool but not cool enought to be that much.

  67. Garrett East

    if it was leather I would buy.

  68. Pedro Ronaldo Zavala

    Just bought it

  69. Jacob Schwartz


  70. Sydney Weiss


  71. Alex Reeser

    I know what's on my eyes are on!

  72. Jessie Ye

    This is an original garment by Volante Design. Most if not all posts you see on Amazon or eBay are knock off. If you want to support the true genius behind this, go to Volante Design's website. If you want to save a few pretty pennies and go for something of inferior construction, go for the knock off.

  73. Cindy Fair

    Too expensive

  74. Nabeel Akhtar

    Ladies and gents…this is a replica of the original…the creator can be found here.


  75. Michelle Evil-McCreedy Adams

    So. Much. Needs!

  76. Michael Barry

    Very cool

  77. Leslie Whipkey-Lewis

    Chuck lewis

  78. Robbin Kay Charnock

    Defo getting this omg love it

  79. Whitney Prillaman-lynch

    Really want this for Tommys birthday.. :/

  80. Melissa Dengah

    This is awesome! :O

  81. Simon Astill

    Would this look good on stage?

  82. Alina Butt

    awesome hoddie, want ^.^.

  83. Steven Edge

    £55 isn't much for a hoodie…

  84. Steven Edge

    £55 isn't much for a hoodie…

  85. Angie Cochrane


  86. Kitty Alexandra Edwards-Goudie

    I don't care that they made a knock off of the Kenway Jacket by Volante Design. It just bugs me that they use the pictures from Volante Design. They did include their own pictures but it is obvious the difference in quality.

  87. Alli Jane Arrowsmith

    Want one x

  88. Sammy Tee

    It's not a hoody. It's a leather jacket.

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