Scary Shower Curtain

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Freak out your guests with this scary shower curtain! Designed to look like someone is lurking behind it! Who will be brave enough to pull the curtain back and see if anyone is there?



  1. Janet Thrall

    This is freaky! I'd love to have the nerve to put this up in my listings that I stage! Just don't want to scare off a potential buyer!

  2. Kristi Johnson

    I want one!

  3. Tina Allen

    I say we do it 🙂

  4. Paige Love

    This is hysterical… if I was an evil pixie, I would have fun with this come Halloween.

  5. Mindy Chesser

    funny 🙂

  6. Chris Llinas

    Well you are a pixie . . . More mischievous than evil, though . . .

  7. Paige Love

    Tee Hee… I'm one of those who always checks to make sure no-one is lurking behind the curtain when at an unfamiliar place…so this would have me screaming at the door…

  8. Paige Love

    Haha, but I bet if someone broke into my house while I was at work and ventured into the bathroom, this would surely scare them away!

  9. Julie Feifer

    OMG … I'm with you Paige, I would totally freak out ! I peek behind curtains as well .. I'm such a scary cat

  10. Julie Feifer

    Scarredy cat 🙂

  11. Shaun Whitcroft


  12. Brandy Lynn

    The story's I could tell with this….

  13. Arianna Hernandez

    This would be alsome on holloween

  14. Olivia Silva

    I'm going to get this and not tell anyone lol

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