Roll Up Piano

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This portable roll up piano will make you the life of any party! Alternatively you could roll it out in the street and start busking! Awesome!

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  1. Nikki Bailey


    • Kimmy Longoria Woodruff

      i have one!!!!

    • Sahib Onkar Singh Dhaliwal

      kimmy is it worth a buy ? or is it just childish ?

    • Bradley Buisman

      did you buy it off this site??? is it goood? I WANT ITTTT O: WHERE DID YOU BUY YOURS FROM? TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!

  2. LadyMercy Medhurst

    ooh I wonder if these are any good?

  3. Kimi T. Martinez

    where can I find a customer review / video demonstrating use on this product? Id love to order one if its got decent sound and isn't going to fall apart in 5 minutes.. 😉

  4. Jodie Fisher

    Here is a famous example of one of these pianos being used.

  5. ‘Maniell Dymna B. Dulay

    I want one of theseeeeeee……

  6. ‘Maniell Dymna B. Dulay

    I'll take it to piano class ahhahaha <3.

  7. Hemo Alshaya

    Ineeeed one of them!!

  8. Reneê Hall

    Oh Lo Moi – this is your next present!

  9. Reneê Hall

    Oh Lo Moi – this is your next present!

  10. Brittany Burley

    I got this exact model at Goodwill foe $4.99…

  11. Carmen Kaw

    Mike Lee, buy me this then I can play Canon in D!
    Lawrence Lim, awesome?

  12. Heather Gerbing

    Yeah, and at Goodwill, you can find $550 new dresses for $30.

  13. Amberly Huizar


  14. Tricia Henriques

    Could be handy Siofra Cox!

  15. Tricia Henriques

    Posted this for you Siofra Cox!

  16. Siofra Cox

    Brilliant!! It's on my list for Santa!

  17. Adelaide Swinhoe

    Jon Fernandes

  18. Ashley Nicole Jobin

    i want it sooo bad!

  19. Jose Miguel Ochoa

    One of my classmates used to have that

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