Replica Batmobile

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Are you a batman fanatic? have a bank account like bruce wayne? Then this replica batmobile is just the thing you’ve been looking for! It’s time to fight crime like the dark knight. Awesome!

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  1. Skeff Von Skiffle

    Holy Pug in a fucking pizza box this is cool.

  2. Rick Hunt

    Caoimhin Franklin, don't know how much 120,000 pounds is in US dollars, but this thing is cool.

  3. Michael Partipilo

    I would totally get this if it didn't get 6 miles to the gallon and it's top speed is only 90mph the car looks cool but that's it. You have better luck making your own batmobile for the price of $180,000+

  4. LadyMercy Medhurst

    Bear would love this lol x.

  5. Susan Gruber

    Does it actually drive?

    • Connor Mead

      it better drive for 120 thousand euros

    • Jesse Andrew

      think you'll find thats pounds !!

  6. Shloimy Raitport

    anyone have ton of money to spend?

  7. Jeff Midgette

    I want one! If anyone is willing to buy it I will be extremely grateful.

  8. Vi Pham

    I don't even think this is street legal lol.

  9. AJ Etchells

    Roberta Jennifer Hunt you sure you want a motorbike? just win the lottery and get this instead lol.

  10. Jeffery Benitez

    Serious lolz it can t be 90 mph max for $120k OMG joke is that how shipping out it legal able?

    • Justin Keating

      120000 pounds look at it again gbp

  11. Louise Todd

    Yes please

  12. Morgan Nilsson

    damn so fucking cool.

  13. Mark Molloy

    My next car.

  14. Peggy Jo Smith

    Who is in? Batman car, ok its a rep but who cares! LOL

  15. Rachel Walden

    hay Gl Johnson what do you think.

  16. Ricky Berg

    pretty damn cool but for just over 181 thousand bucks it better have all the features of the actual batmobile….then I'm in lol.

  17. Yousaf Hussain

    I'd rather get a Ferrari or Lexus LFA.

  18. Garrod Vann

    I so want one

  19. Antonio Quezada

    I've actually seen one up close it was amazing.

  20. Albert Gonzalez

    I want one!!!!

  21. Misty Ribena Hutton

    Jarrad Harris

  22. Zach Fischer

    ill take 12.

  23. Lance Robinson

    Damn anyone want to loan me some dollars for this????? LMFAO

  24. Angel Colon

    Seriously cool but way too much money

  25. Diane Walker

    *See's price*
    *looks in purse*.
    £5 and 40 pence……..i'm sure that will cover it.

  26. Ankit Ameria

    Rounak Mishra

  27. Khiara Marie

    look Jay Tillman…

  28. Kelly Nguyen

    Corey Michael Proseus this is for you in the future one day maybe lol.

  29. Rebecca Brown

  30. Mystie Skelton

    I want one…my birthday suit day is coming up….maybe if I'm lucky someone will get me one …:-:-D

  31. Jennifer Wolcott

    What about the donkey!!!!

  32. Jennifer Wolcott

    What about the donkey!!!!

  33. Tanya Lord

    Lol x

  34. Mystie Skelton

    oh…I still want the donkey…:)

  35. Jay Mishler

    186384.80 USD

  36. Bill Davies

    I'm not saying I'm Batman, I'm just saying I must rush off to save Gotham City….
    The Caped Crusader.

  37. Samantha Walden

    Amanda Aili Bongiorni.

  38. Brandon Bouc

    Here ya go Richard.

  39. Teresa Roseberry

    Better yet how about this! Tyler Burke

  40. Chris Tempest

    seeing as there is clearly a licence plate……..

  41. Keegan Durrant

    Free postage! I live in New Zealand! but a 6-7month delay? not sure I can wait that long.. I'll have to buy it somewhere closer 😛

  42. Keegan Durrant

    Chris Tempest , And a flamethrower! but that's irrelevant. It's got a DVD player in the front! That's dangerous!

  43. Joshua French

    6 MPG……. Yeah, so not worth it unless I win the lotto. -_-

  44. Davinia Valejo Calvo

    Mare mia yo quiero unooooo!!!!

  45. Philip Campbell

    Want one!!!

  46. Julie Albanese

    i want it!!!!!!!

  47. Max Barnes

    its a replica it dosent move ._.

  48. Nic Hand

    how much in american

  49. Westley Kozan


  50. Crystle Wren

    Ross Smith! lol

  51. Crystle Wren

    Ross Edward Smith

  52. Reece Pitwell

    want it

  53. Reece Pitwell

    Holly Apsee cause u love me ?

  54. Holly Apsee


  55. Holly Apsee


  56. Rosalie Barnett

    hell yer

  57. Jay Boshell

    There are several companies in the USA that make replica Bat Mobiles like this.

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