12 Things Only Parents With Young Kids Will Understand


While parenting can be a joyful experience for those who really want to be moms or dads, there are certain things you take for granted before you have kids and there are certain things only parents of young children will ever understand. If you get to go to the toilet by yourself and you never have to deal with someone freaking out because you cut their sandwich wrong, then you’re obviously not the caregiver of a young kid. If you do plan to have kids someday, however, you’ve got all this to look forward to! Take a look at these twelve things only parents with young kids will understand.



Kid logic can be frustrating!


We can see why a toilet seat left up would be an improvement.


And just see what happens if you try to give your kid a broken cracker.


It’s the little things you don’t appreciate until they’re gone.


There are a lot of names that have to be crossed off the potential list.


The “chill” part is vital.


This might seem like a good option!


The ultimate long-game revenge.


There are plenty of ways to help, but hands off the baby.


When a healthy midnight snack is basically you getting wild.


But, it’s a vital medicine.


A blessing for all ages.

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