Minion Hat

Keep your Minions warm and cozy this winter with this awesome minion hat! It's 100% wool and each and every one has been hand made. A fun and colorful gift for Despicable Me fans!



  1. Richard Boon

    terry shephard

  2. Annmarie Frodsham

    10.99! I can make these but wouldnt charge that!

  3. Patrick Rooney

    I want one.

  4. Michelle Czerniawski

    Way too much

  5. Michelle Czerniawski

    17.99 is the price..That's even worse

  6. Anonymous

    way too much i make them and sell for a fiver

  7. Amber Stolarik

    then do it, so the less talented who can't make them, can afford to buy them.

  8. Arianne Fraser


  9. Steve Sealey

    Katie Sealey – I need one of these!!!

  10. Erin Cartmell

    omg ! i want one

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