Crime Scene Scarf

This scarf is so cool its almost criminal! Create your own crime scene with this extra-long, extra cosy knitted scarf.



  1. Emma Barnett


  2. Emma Barnett


  3. Jeannette Collier

    I want one.

  4. Belinda Ireland

    Molly Joseph Campbell.

  5. Charlotte Lyon-Dean


  6. Linda D’Addona

    Very cool

  7. Nina Hartley

    @dawn coomber @teri hague

  8. Savannha Aretino

    omg so cool.

  9. Rebekah Lee

    I actually need this!

  10. Elizabeth Schwartze


  11. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  12. Ashley Purkey

    I know what I want for my birthday

  13. Lei Johnson

    Mikiala, so my birthday's coming up..

    • Lei Johnson

      Mikiala PLEASE

    • Lei Johnson

      Mikiala PLEASE

    • Mo Johnson

      this one i like

    • Mo Johnson

      this one i like

    • Mikiala Johnson

      Yeah, sure.

      After I get one!

    • Lei Johnson


    • Donald Lanning

      She already said yes chill lol

  14. Lei Johnson

    Mikiala, so my birthday's coming up..

  15. Diana Raymond

    Could have a laugh or get in trouble…

  16. Bree TheBrave

    Tiffany (; I have a birthday to(: lol.

  17. Carol Mcmillan

    ordered and on its way yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa.

  18. Noah Nesterinen

    It is actyally cind of cool

  19. Courtney Sheridan Perry

    Courtney Sheridan Perry.

  20. Silkiana Gatti

    Michael Gatti can i get this for winter? lol

  21. Sara Morris

    Vanessa Baptiste

  22. Kelli Thomas-Mounds

    I cant find pricing i hit more info….it says page not found

  23. Tammy Braswell


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