Message In A Bottle USB

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As the world evolves so does technology. Gone are the days of writing a message on paper, its all done with computers, mobiles devices etc now.. So stay up to date and put your message in a bottle via a usb stick! 8GB of storage allowing for plenty of room for your treasured files! Awesome!



  1. Charles Muszall

    This would be a neat invite to a pirate themed party…

  2. Deidra Loveland

    so cool! the old way message in a bottle is cool enough but to get one like this would be nice although you would have to worry about virus 🙁

  3. Claire Hornsby

    OMG @Tamika James @Dan James

  4. Claire Hornsby

    Tamika James Dan James

  5. Zeenat Khan

    I want this

  6. Zeenat Khan

    I want this

  7. Zeenat Khan

    that's true

  8. Zeenat Khan

    that's true

  9. Jessica Fillion

    ca changer les bouteuille a la mer …

  10. Louise Fillion

    J'aime pas ça 😉

  11. Louise Fillion

    J'aime pas ça 😉

  12. Louise Fillion

    J'aime pas ça 😉

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