13 People Tell Us Why There Was No Second Date


Dating is inherently kind of weird, and so sometimes you might have a slightly awkward first date with someone but ultimately end up marrying them and living happily ever after and so on. However, there are some first dates so bad that you would never even consider giving it a second go. From folks who are so overenthusiastic that they say they love you on your first date to those who are so cautious that they bring their parents to chaperone, there really are all sorts out there! These thirteen people have told all about why there was no second date. Take a look!



Too soon, dude. Way too soon.


We doubt she wanted to end up number three.


She just needs to find a fellow cat-lover.


How not to impress on a first date.


This reason seems pretty legit.


It’s a bad sign when people are rude to waitstaff.


Women have high standards, eh? Well, maybe you’re just a jerk.


This says a lot about someone’s character.


If you don’t get GoT, get out.


Someone clearly isn’t over their ex.


We think it’s totally understandable to refuse a second date for this reason.


Wow. Just…. Wow.


Oh, boohoo. Sounds like the girl dodged a bullet here!

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