Liquid Ass Spray

One spray from this bottle of liquid ass and you will have the room running for the exits in no time. With its super powerful stink combination of foul butt crack smells,hints of dead animal and fresh poo. The funny pranks you can pull with liquid ass are priceless!



  1. Mat Hayton


  2. David-Jacky Pierce Breech

    Unbelievable….we could have had some fun with this back in the day. haha

  3. Samuri Zilla


  4. Heather Mckenzie

    I bought this spray to use for a prank and it is the worst smelling thing I've ever come across. Definitely gets the job done.

    • Jeremy Connolly

      how did u buy

  5. Laura ‘itoshii’ Olotu

    hahaha I don't need to buy a ass spray…..the farts that comes out of my ass works just as good 😛

    • Robin Love


    • Ryan Nelson

      Thats disgusting

    • Ryan Nelson

      Thats disgusting

    • Veronica Gonzalez Perez


  6. Kaz Bradley

    LOL great way to get rid of unwanted visitors! hahaha

  7. Martin Dupont

    what a good way to get a class outside the classroom 🙂

  8. Cory Allen Knowlton


  9. Swepea’s Nailz

    somebody spray that shit on me …lol n i'll whoop dae azz!!!!….lol

    • Veronica Gonzalez Perez

      Lmfao….to fk'en funny!!!

  10. Morgan LaRoche


  11. Jesse Floyd

    Robert Anthony Sarsoza.

  12. Lana Mclean

    omg to funny

  13. Lana Mclean

    omg to funny

  14. Atlanta Woodgates

    Oh im so gunna get my son hard core with this! Lol its on!

  15. Elizabeth Elliott

    Hehe…..saw this on Russell Howard. Awesome!

  16. Jes Woodman

    Michael Jones

  17. Elizabeth Anne Swift-Hook

    Chris Summerfield XD.

  18. Annette Marie Kobler

    What the f lol.

  19. Deborah Reeves


  20. Sahar Hag Ali

    Lol I would use this at class

  21. Sahar Hag Ali

    Sorry for the comment

  22. Mik Whyte

    Andrew Laird you need to buy this neeebur ;).

  23. Akeem Dwayne Ralph Noel

    need me some, and a quick exit.

  24. Sarah Houghton

    Jo Richards lol x.

  25. Robert Riddell

    Lol can't believe I found this while searching for something completely different, if you know what this is you will smile!

  26. Jessica Magnotta

    Jeremy Connolly… For a prank. Thats what he said.

  27. Manny Marquez


  28. Tanya Holst

    Jessica Magnotta well.. he didnt say why, but how ;3

  29. Tanya Holst

    Jessica Magnotta well.. he didnt say why, but how ;3

  30. Arianna Hernandez

    Perfect for getting someone out of your room

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