Cat Ear Headphones By Axentwear

Love music? Love fashion? Well so do Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu. They teamed up to design these unique and functional cat ear headphones and they’re nothing like any others we’ve seen before. The UC Berkeley Alumni have been working hard raising money to get these headphones into production. There are many great features that will make you want to throw out your regular boring headphones for a pair of these. As you can see, they have cat ears with LED lights on them. Not only do they look awesome, they are actually fully functional external speakers. Perfect for when your with your friends and want to share your music! The LED lights and the speakers have switches so you can turn them on and off as you please. These headphones have also been designed with comfort in mind. They have over-the-ears cushions which mold around your head, meaning they fit well and block out external noise. There’s even a handy microphone which you can use for phone calls if you happen to be listening to music on your mobile. Check out the different colors available below.

Available to buy right here!

Website: axentwear | indiegogo

cat earphones blue


cat earphones axent wear


cat earphones green


cat earphones purple


cat earphones red