Lion Mane Wig

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Allow your pet to express their wild side with this hilarious lion mane wig! It secures with an adjustable velcro collar and is lined with satin for a comfortable fit. Awesome!

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  1. Emma Kitson

    Oh I gotta get one of these lol

  2. Ruth Glass

    You guys should make different colored ones. I have a black cat lol he'd look funny with a brown main. Totally would get it if you guys did.

  3. Bonnie Lyke

    i agree with Ruth glass-please make different colored ones. but this is very cute. too bad i didn't find this earlier!

  4. Zachary Trubey

    Ok I so found Obi's halloween costume!

  5. Zachary Trubey

    Debbie Riggins

  6. Aniela Frattarola

    Katie Meinhaldt – for Garris (sp?)

  7. Corlene ‘Corey’ Greenwood

    i want

  8. Tony Timmis


  9. Huw Cunnah

    Just get me one..

  10. Huw Cunnah

    Just get me one..

  11. Corey McVann

    Rachel L. Jones?

  12. Mona A. Hiyari

    Abdulhameed Al Saadi LETS GET ONES FOR THE CATS

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