Lightsaber Mount

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Become a powerful Sith as you construct your own Darth Maul edition, double-bladed Lightsaber Room Light. Mount the double-bladed lightsaber to your wall and rotate it for a horizontal or vertical display.

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  1. Leonie Mallet

    So Mike Hoare are you going to get one of these 🙂

  2. Neli Belušić

    I need this.

  3. Neli Belušić

    I need this.

  4. Francisca Vidal Pardo

    Peter Pardo solo 20 luquitas jajaja <3.

  5. Robert Showman

    I want one of these.

  6. Jami Thomas

    My son will have one of these

  7. Gina Hill

    Definitely one of Zach J Hill 's must haves 🙂

  8. Janice Kay

    one for the boys.

  9. Samantha Cartwright

    I already got the light saber, now I need this!

  10. Raymond Mendez

    Caleb Feliciano I'm getting you one before you leave to collage!

  11. Andrew Surtees

    Catherine Whyte I must have one.

  12. Hannah Kate Scott-Peter

    Jamie Thomas this is a bit of you lol

  13. Hannah Kate Scott-Peter

    Jamie Thomas

  14. Tonya Pollard Jones

    You like?

  15. Bhavuk Gupta

    I must have one…..

  16. Jenny Weitzel Muldoon

    When you follow the 'More Info' link, it takes you to Amazon, where it costs $29.99 USD and it's Obi-Wan's lightsaber, not Darth Maul's.

  17. Mystie Skelton

    Gwen Stone..I think your grandson needs one of these!

  18. Eva Marie Crafton


  19. Kristal Rodriguez Herrera

    Rafael Velazquez I think youll love this!

  20. Tasha Young


  21. Brittney Rachell Winchester

    I always thought my lil bro was a nerd for being obsessed with star wars, but now that I cant be in his life, I wanna make sure he knows I still love him…im going to lay down my pride and get him one…with a lightsaber of course…I love you bubby…I always have, even when it didn't seem like it.

  22. Tiah-Rose Adams

    Ian Ross

  23. Beth Christen

    why is this $40 once you click the link?!

  24. Kathryn D’Alleva

    Aw, I have a really expensive $400 light saber, I was hoping this was a mount for that =( I hate leaving it on my floor propped against the wall.

  25. Andre Blouin

    Im grown and I would so put that in my room!

  26. Tekla Chelidze


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