Radio Controlled Shark

This radio control flying shark needs to be seen in action! When in motion the shark’s back fin moves and gives a surprisingly realistic look to anyone caught in this deadly beast’s way. The flying radio control shark is made from durable nylon and uses refillable helium.

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  1. Nona Costello

    Sherry Costello instead of reggies flying helicopter…

  2. Jaimee Williams

    David Fine

  3. Lisa Maclean

    Look mist this is what we need B-) lol

  4. Supertone F

    Must. Have. This. Shark.

  5. Cory Allen Knowlton


  6. Ashley Horning

    Nikki Briggs

  7. Jay Cee

    Have to get me one of these 😛 taking over from the guard dog 😀

  8. Amanda E. Koslowski

  9. Linda Anne Kinsey

    Vickie Cise what about this 🙂

    • Linda Anne Kinsey

      Vickie Cise x

    • Linda Anne Kinsey

      Vickie Cise x

    • Vickie Cise

      Love it!!!

  10. Linda Anne Kinsey

    Vickie Cise what about this 🙂

  11. Leonard Henry

    why would you make it fly.. it needs a boat/submarine control not air.

  12. Topher Saltzmann

    Has anyone actually bought one?

    • Cindy Miller

      I have several.

  13. Sharrelle Manser

    haha thankyou! that was awesome!

  14. Joe Rhythmic Bliss Mills

    So kewl

  15. Chanel Cosby

    Reminds me of an episode of Dr. Who.

  16. Pamela Wilkins


  17. Stupid Comments

    Because when you have a friend who's beyond being high, it would be really interesting to have them watch a flying shark float around the house!

  18. Janice Rogers

    the point of a flying shark is that you are not safe anywhere haha

  19. Edgar Lara

    I would love one

  20. Sharon De Freitas

    I have seen these on you tube. Awesome idea – would looove one 🙂

  21. Ann Phillips

    This is top of my Christmas list ..

  22. Jenny Tran

    Want it want it WANT IT!!!

  23. Tyler Winika

    Just got one off here, its amazing 🙂

  24. Margaret Washam

    Price says 18.99 and when you go to buy it it's coming up as 29.99

  25. Debbie Craft Olsen


  26. Debbie Craft Olsen


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