Laser Pool Cue

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Never mess another shot up again with the laser guided pool cue. Looks and feels just like the real thing with the added accuracy! Awesome.

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  1. Dan Gatenby

    what a load of shit. it tells you how much spin you put on the cue but will not make you pot every shot as it does not line up the object ball as the cue ball will be in the way.

    • Shawn Nichols

      In pool, a little skill is necessary. What do you want, a cue that tells you the geometry of every shot? Lol

  2. Amos Craig Severson

    Good for ball control but i wouldnt be caught at a bar with this shit, get your ass beat for shit like that.

  3. Thomas Browne

    now des

    • Thomas Browne

      Des Burns this is the tool for you!!!

    • Thomas Browne

      Des Burns this is the tool for you!!!

    • Des Burns

      Ha ha. Less pints when I'm playing maybe!!

    • Adrian Forde

      Yous are both tools ha

  4. Thomas Browne

    now des

  5. Deb Spargen


  6. Deb Spargen


  7. Will Shave

    Apart from your hitting the lens against the ball every shot and what happens when you chalk it ???

  8. Alan Sjöström

    I need that, said no pro ever.

  9. Shawn Cutler

    How is that gonna help your shot

    • Lee Sundeen

      Where you hit the cue ball makes a big difference!

  10. Zeb Bennett

    English is important, backspin comes in handy!

  11. Andy Green

    You could do with this Luke!

  12. Hannah Lotulelei

    This will help me go along way lol

  13. Ron Hardee

    What the hell are you talking about… no one would beat your ass for that unless you were playing for money most people trying to improve their game would think it was cool.

  14. Raphael Delgado

    Ai eu choro..

  15. Seth Bollinger

    How hard is it to raise your bridge up above the cue ball to get a really good idea of exactly where it's going to hit on the object ball before taking the shot? That's how it's going to help. The only actual valid complaint I've seen here is about chalking it.

  16. Kelsie Hanson

    Um… yea. You definitely would NOT get your ass beat for that.
    It's for people learning how to play. You use it when you're practicing, or playing around with friends.
    Nobody would be stupid enough to expect to pull this out DURING A GAME, whether it be at a bar or wherever. Don't be so narrow-minded.

  17. Kelsie Hanson

    It's for people learning how to play.

  18. Kelsie Hanson

    Lee Sundeen
    Indeed it does. Actually, where you hit the cue ball is extremely important in terms of making good shots.

  19. Kyle Porter

    i want this itd help so much

  20. Kyle Porter

    Nicole Paige Hodgson

  21. Gary Mills

    Erm……how do you chalk it then ????

  22. Debra Lommerse

    Joel would love this Sharlie !

  23. Tracey Jones

    Martin Webb do u need this lol

  24. Tracey Jones

    Martin Webb do u need this lol

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