Inflatable Pedal Boat

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Cruise around racing your friends or lay back and relax on one of these awesome inflatable pedal boats! They feature hand pedals for navigating forwards, backwards and even 360 degrees round! There's a comfy headrest and 2 cup holders if you prefer to just chill out and take it easy.

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  1. Kristi Michelle Ducey Slusarski

    Oh my gosh I would love this for my little pond for the summer!

  2. Diane Berg

    perfect for the lake very sweet

  3. Petra Nadal

    Looks like fun and comfy

  4. Katharine Menegazzi

    want this for the pond!

  5. Bryce Morrison

    Spokane River's getting pretty strong, with all of the thawing snow. Maybe you wouldn't need to get your hands and feet very wet, using this contraption. 🙂 Well, maybe waiting until summer would still be safer…

  6. Ranay Baffy

    wow perfect

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