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iCrayon Stylus Pen


These crazy awesome crayons are actually crazy awesome stylus pens! The iCrayon is made of a soft, squishy material and comes in available in 7 colours!


  1. Alexandra De Groote

    I'd by an iPad just for this…

  2. Natalie Kraus

    It says 7.99$ but on the More Info site it's $16.00?

  3. Dan Tehbrootzic

    Crayon would not ruin a smartphone or tablet screen, talk about melodramatic.

  4. Tessa Palm Hagan

    Love it! Gotta get one for Princess!

  5. Marchell Den-Bakker

    Krissy, they don't have their own, determination or absence of your mind will lead them to yours!! Or worse,someone elses,then you have expense of replacing it. Yeesh! Like you need that explained to you!

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