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Heated Animal Paw Mouse Pad


Don't let cold hands prevent you from working properly and use this heated animal paw mouse pad! Connect to your PC via USB port and place your mouse inside the pad.


  1. Karen Avila

    I know who wants it!!

  2. Karen Avila

    I know who wants it!!

  3. Karen Avila

    Maria Jose???

  4. Karen Avila

    Maria Jose???

  5. Maria Jose Avila Perez

    Lo quierooo demmmmm!!!! :3

  6. Ashley Nicole Jobin

    i know a few people who would love this!

  7. Stephanee Lewellen

    Think i might try to get one of these for my hand at work… they are always frozen!

  8. Emzy Strong

    I want this

  9. Emzy Strong

    I want this

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