Guitar Pick Maker

Make picks from most plastic materials or from sheets of popular materials like Delrin, Lexan and Ultem. Currently three models available.

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  1. Kristen Elsing Leffert

    This would be perfect for Andrew Elsing.

  2. Rick Hunt

    I have a bunch of pictures that were made like this, wonder if that's what he used to make them. Very cool

  3. Jody Forbes

    I wont one.

  4. Jody Forbes

    Corey Forbes

  5. Danielle Levy

    id buy this 4 my friends!

  6. Kerry-Ann Tearle

    Check this out too!!!

  7. Kerry-Ann Tearle

    Check this out too!!!

  8. Pinked Oioi Beckett


  9. Kiki Olsen-Vetland

    Kieran La Bram I saw this and thought of you!

  10. Tamara Rennison

    OMG Erin MacDonald xx when's your birthday again?

  11. Sarah Stehling-Romig

    Tobi Aus B.

  12. Grace Taylor

    Tagging Richard Taylor YOU NEED THIS!

  13. Scott George

    Dante Axel Gaytan , I saw this and thought of you……

  14. Connie Lewitz

    Hey John Guitarrepair Scott could you use this? LOL…

  15. Christopher Lai

    Ong Qiyue

  16. Obitelj Pavlek

    luce, vidi… možeš od ixice napraviti trzalicu…

  17. Juan Uribe

    Joseph Rayas

    • Juan Uribe

      Joseph Rayas

    • Joseph Rayas

      Whoa! No way cool!

  18. Cari XEx


  19. Marq Hill

    Riley Nikole Holt.

  20. Luke Kowald


  21. Amber Ash

    This would keep my daughter quiet for hours ;).

  22. Mike Passehl

    Josh Bodfield

    • Josh Bodfield

      A kid i went to school with had one of those in his tool box. He used it all the time. I was jealous.

  23. Carol Fitzgearld

    Yep! wish list!

  24. John Hamilton

    I want one

    • John Hamilton

      Ian Lawrie dig this!

    • Ian Lawrie

      Hahaa thats well smart man

  25. Chris Fanning

    This one's for you Robert Lawson Cox.

  26. Melissa Lynn Coleman

    Kelley Rene Coleman Check this out!

  27. Ian Rys

    Gotta have!!

  28. Jonathan VanBeverhoudt

    Sharon Malfesi first person I thought of.

  29. Jay Skurka


  30. Ellie Mae Eker

    I want one of these so everytime my hubby cant find his pick I can make him one and be like I found it lol.

  31. Mhairi Wade

    Think u would like this Richard O'Rourke Xcx

  32. J Mack Taylor

    Sarah Taylor Carroll, Mason Wayne Carroll, Renee Taylor.

  33. Cindy Waters Nale

    looks like something for my brother & nephew!

  34. Jaclyn Howe

    Aunti pam I think you should get this for tim

  35. Deborah Collins Moore Rose

    Good idea

  36. Dennis Mitchell

    I want one

  37. Graham Nathan

    Must have for any guitarist! I want one…

  38. Lisa Logan


  39. Seth Regan

    You can only control the thickness of the pick by using thinner material to start off with.

  40. Kay Lane

    Where do you buy the sheets of materials from?

  41. Kay Lane

    Where do you buy the sheets of materials from?

  42. Ashly le Comte

    Troy Ellis!

  43. Keida Sirius McAlinden

    Cameron 'Gazza Hamlet' Inglis – found something for you.

  44. Belinda Willis

    Just for u adi moo adrian willis

  45. Melissa Dengah


    • Melissa Dengah

      Nichol Chan , ain't this awesome? Once u have it… You no need to buy pick tht cost money but u MAKE it… :O

    • Melissa Dengah

      Michelle Leanna Yeoh

    • Michelle Leanna Yeoh

      Pick costs RM1.50-RM3.00

  46. Misti Sue Sue King

    Scott Scott Ellis. John Ray Ellis this made me think of u two haha.

  47. Charlie Cowell

    my friends got this but smaller and I believe cheaper… something isn't right here._.

  48. Jade Chriscoli

    super cool..

  49. Mackenzie Rogers

    do you need this Damien? I think yes 😀 maybe.

  50. Charli Lynn Twiztd Lette

    Warren Cottrell

  51. Jennifer Mahoney

    Trinidad Ruiz get this!

  52. Cyndi Sapp Lord

    PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE santa claus, easter bunny……… HEY….. My birthday is 09/28/……. anybody!

  53. Erin Ceili McCormack

    Roman, Haydon, Elena…. Look!

  54. Alysia Shannon

    Fukin awesome

  55. Aimee Peacock

    Fukin awesome!!!

  56. Gemma-louise James Carpenter

    This is awesome!!!

  57. Kaeli Cullen Laidlaw

    Carl Dangeradventure Wockner.

  58. Sean Barrett

    Andrew, bro!

  59. Steph McCumber

    Andrea Naylor

  60. Kelly Naylor

    Love that!

  61. Brandilyn Brennan

    This would be great for so many of my frienda

  62. Cayla Turver

    I got this for hubby for Xmas last year!

  63. Adelaide Swinhoe

    Oriana Spitale

  64. Lea Bruno Peacock

    OMG I neeed this! :O 😀 x.

  65. Jenice Carey


  66. Katie Morin

    How do you but this?

  67. Katie Morin

    Oops. How do you buy this?

  68. Lou Fern

    Thinking a few peeps might like this! Mark Fern Stephen Cunich Holly Sandiford.

  69. Melissa Cole

    Perfect gift for my nephew

  70. Jayne Rees

    we need one of these Stephen Oliver Amanda Crichton Warburton.

  71. Amanda Crichton Warburton

    Ahhh that's fab 🙂 but we would need to keep our bank card well away from lil miss kayla lolxxx

  72. Sergio Hunt

    James Matthews

  73. Jonathan Hurst

    That moment when you have something on this site…

  74. Jake Fava

    I have one, it's not great. Half time time the picks crack when you cut them out, and gift cards/credit cards alike conduct heat from the friction too well. Strum for a couple of minutes and the start to flop and bend to a point where they break.

    Might be worthwhile to purchase some higher quality plastic in a slab if you want this, or better still, just buy a pick made for the job. They're inexpensive, and if you're smart, you'll buy a crapload of picks you like, so that way you're not running off to the store everytime you lose one.

  75. Erik K Hamilton

    Joel Hamilton

  76. Sam Prunier

    Omg cool

  77. Paige Love

    Eric Gant you should have one of these! 🙂

  78. Diego Gómez López

    Cristian Morales Pacheco mira weón! pa que dejí de llorar! xD

  79. Inés Fathima Asmal Vidal

    i want it

  80. Ally Alfaro

    Im going to buy this for the boys.

  81. Ade Berry

    If they crack, it is because of the material, not the cutter. There are a number of plastics that are too brittle in their make up to be cut this way.

  82. Cheryl-lee Kirkman

    has he used it & did the picks break liek some people are saying they get brittle 🙂

  83. Sajler Sajler

    For $44.99 i can get picks for whole my life inaf 🙂

  84. Brent W. Reynolds

    Alex Johnson, don't cut up those cards…just make picks out of them.

  85. Shelby Clift


  86. Jessica Wutke

    I bought Zac one of these for his bday. You will have to ask him how it works

  87. Jenny Lokhorst

    Chris Aronsten & Alex Aronsten

  88. Jenny Lokhorst

    Chris Aronsten and Alex Aronsten 🙂

  89. Emma Tucker

    That looks really cool

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